Platy Aggression Question


When I started fish keeping I purchased what I thought was 5 male platys. I have recently realized that I actually have one female mixed in there. Now one male has become very aggressive towards all of my other fish especially my 2 sunburst platys they both have very badly damaged fins .
So far I have added more caves that I took from my other tanks to give them more places to hide but that doesn’t seem to be helping. I recently purchased a used 25 gallon tank to try and separate but unfortunately the tank was bleached before sale ,so I am in the process of rinsing and cycling that tank. So besides my Bettas 5 gallon tank all I have is a 1 gallon planted shrimp tank (3 ghosts). At this point I’m unsure what I should do to rectify the situation, I don’t want this aggressive male to kill my sunburst. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. What I’m toying with is putting my aggressive platy in my 1 gallon shrimp tank until I can get my 25 cycled . Then separating the female. Is this my best option?


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