1. RWP0505

    RWP0505 Member Member

    With 3 females and one male platy, will platy fry survive in a 15 gallon tank with a limited number of hiding places?

  2. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Yes, they will "survive" but won't thrive in a 15 gallon tank.

    EDIT: oh fry I skipped that part

  3. OP

    RWP0505 Member Member

    They won't get eaten?
  4. J

    JoeBK Initiate Member

    I would separate the fry. I did that with mine and they are doing excellent.
  5. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    I skipped the fry part...
    They will get eaten without any places to hide, but your tank is already maxed out on the platies and shouldn't have any more fish added to the aquarium.
  6. OP

    RWP0505 Member Member

    Errrrrrrr...... no thank you FishFish221
  7. BettaPonic

    BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I would upgrade and add plants. Guppy Grass is great.
  8. sfsamm

    sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    My son's tank has the same stock in a 20 gallon and with minimal hiding areas we had 4 fry survive. I've since removed all but a couple floating Anacharis (which always die on me so they will be tossed soon enough) and given him a nice open sword plant of mine in hopes for less survivors next time lol. Our current survivors will be donated to our lfs once they are a bit larger, before they breed :)
  9. Celestialgirl

    Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    I have a 37 gallon and all my fry get eaten. Mine go after the fry pretty aggressively. Sometimes they survive a while, then disappear. If you want to save your fry, have lots of plants and even better, put them in a separate tank.