Platies spend all day eating and are incredibly bloated

  1. lfabb

    lfabb Valued Member Member

    I've got a 20 gal high densely planted, water parameters great, community tank. 4 platies, 3 guppies and 6 neons. Two of my platies spend their entire day foraging the tank for whatever they can consume. I lightly feed twice a day (what they eat in 1 minute). The two that spend their days just swimming and eating are bloated, no surprise. They have no problems swimming so I know their bloated stomachs are food related. What can I do to help the bloating? I feel bad not to feed them due to the other fish in the tank.
  2. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    If they're bloated, I would cut down the feeding. Once a day is fine. You could also try fasting for one day or feeding them a de-shelled, mashed pea.