Platies Not Giving Birth Help

Discussion in 'Platy' started by ArthurTheAquarist, May 20, 2019.

  1. ArthurTheAquarist New Member Member

    Hey everybody,

    I have had a golden twinbar platy in my 36 gallon tank, for around 8 months. She always had the same sized rotund belly, with orange bits visible near the birth canal. Her belly never got bigger or smaller. I assume that these are either yolks sacks, or underdeveloped eggs. Another thing that I should note, is that she has a black bar near her belly. My mollies have repeatedly given birth in this tank, but maybe my platy may drop fry if I transfer her to a planted 10 gallon tank, with no other fish, except for 2 more female platies. Any advice is appreciated to help me troubleshoot this situation.

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  2. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    That might help. First look at your water parameters. They should be: ammonia 0ppm, nitrites 0ppm, and nitrates 20ppm or less. She doesn't look ready to drop fry. Usually the whole area from the analfin to the egg spot is black and you can often see little eyeballs in a light colored livebearer like platys. Has she actually bred with a male? Platys can store sperm up to 6 months and then initiate gestation (which takes about 28 days) when conditions are right for potential fry. Here's another discussion from fishlore where another member was having this same issue:
    Keep us posted.
  3. ArthurTheAquarist New Member Member

    Hi momgoose!

    My water parameters are suitable for platies, with ammonia at 0 ppm, nitrites at 0 ppm, and nitrates at 20 ppm. I used an API master test kit for the testing. I have plenty of males in this tank, so I guarantee that she is pregnant, but finding out who the father is, is something that I wont be able to do until she drops fry. I will transfer her to a planted 10 gallon tank with gentle flow, and wait a month or so. I will try to keep you updated. Thank You.
  4. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Okay, I will be watching!:watching: