Platies make short work of green hair algae

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    vasyat Valued Member Member

    Hi. I had an issue with green hair algae when I was in the middle of my fishless cycle. Certainly, lower nitrates after the cycle helps, but to my surprise, my marigold platies have made short work of the remaining hair algae. Just wanted to share my experience in case it might sway someone towards getting Platies. It was definitely a pleasant surprise on my end.

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  2. e

    echi1 Well Known Member Member

    Thats really interesting! I also have hair algae, but it doesn't seem to be growing (still left over from the cycle) at all. I can't seem to get it out of my subwassertang and moss. My gups won't eat it, so maybe it's just them.
  3. F

    Flare4123 New Member Member

    Mollies will do the same thing! Makes sense since mollies and platies are similar (they can interbreed).

    I have a molly tank and a planted tank so if my planted tank which recently had an outbreak of algae gets too overrun, I might "hire" the mollies as a clean up crew haha.