Platies in 6 gal tank

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    I intended to buy a 10 gallon tank but walked out with the Fluval Edge. It is a nice tank, but I feel like I was led astray when it came to stocking. My young daughter fell in love with the platies. I thought they were too big and active, but was assured that I could comfortably have five in my tank. Thankfully, I only got three.

    Now that they've settled in for a week, I can say that they are not behaving like happy fish. They seem healthy enough, but I appear to have two males and one female on top of a too-small tank. The dominant male lives to harass the other male--who still tries to sneak to the female. I have a thicket of plants, but but the non-dominant doesn't stay hidden and gets nipped. At least he is still frisky and not too beaten down. The female just looks like she wants to escape--climbing the walls.

    I did a partial cycle, adding "dirty" water from the aquarium store and the "cycle" bacteria that came with the tank plus plants and moss balls for 1.5 weeks before adding the three fish. I was feeding minimally until this morning when I decided to see if full bellies would curb the tension in the tank--no such luck. Anyway, there could be some ammonia stress. I've done only 1 15% change since getting the fish. Temperature is 78F. Ph is 7.5.

    I'm wondering if these guys will make it in this tank. My daughter is very attached. If I have to rehome them, what fish would work with this tank which is not only small but has a strong current from the filter even on the lowest setting? We already have a Betta in a 5 gallon Fluval tank.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any advice you might have for me. I'm not content to keep unhappy animals.
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    3 platties should not be in a 6g tank I'm afraid to say. They need to be rehomed
    Maybe get a pea puffer?
    A shrimp colony?