Plate Corals Not Opening

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Yesterday for the first time my tongue coral did not display its tentacles. Also my LT Plate hardly expanded at all. In fact, the LT has two bare spots on either end of it.

I thought that maybe I used too much kalkwasser in my water top-off - 1 teaspoon for a five gallon bucket - but all at once. Yet the LT Plate has had these bare spots for a week now.

I put him up on a rock and he seems to be doing a bit better - but not much.

I feed the LT a piece of squid every other night, but not the tongue. I spot feed all of my corals phytochrom every other night with the pumps off.

Any ideas why these guys might not be opening up all the way? Do they sound like they're dying? My tongue coral is about ten inches long and has a slight bend around the mid-way point. I had contemplated breaking him in half, but obviously I'll wait on that until he feels better.

PS: Not sure if these are considered hard corals or not. Please move if necessary.
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