Plastic Floating Plants?

  1. fish gazer Member Member

    Does anyone know any companies that sell plastic, floating plants that look like Water Lettuce? At the lfs, they used to have one that was for terrariums and the guy said it would be safe for an aquarium but they no longer carry that item. I'm in Canada so it would have to be something that's available here or online.
  2. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    Is there any reason you don't want real floating plants? Floating plants like Frogbit are real easy to grow, as they have easy access to light and CO2. They only other thing they need is some fish waste and they are good to go.
  3. fish gazer Member Member

    I knew someone would ask me that, lol.

    I have a South American style tank and to create cover, to absorb toxins from the water, provide some tiny extra bit of oxygen, keep in mind, I have a HOB filter that disrupts the top of the water, I wanted to see for myself if floating plants would work.

    I created the straw barrier around my outflow and tried my hand at Floating Fern, it drove me crazy, if the water level wasn't inline with the straw, the plants would go under and some would get stuck in the tank and rot. Got tired of adjusting the straw all the time.

    I then tried Water Lettuce, which was bigger, this didn't need the straw thing but still ended up getting drenched and pieces would end up in the tank.

    I recently added Fluval's Clearmax to my filter to help remove any phosphate, nitrite, and nitrates and that is the story of why I would rather have plastic ones. The End!
  4. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    Gotcha, I just always prefer real plants as they are very helpful to any tank. You could try something like hornwort, anacharis, or water wisteria which can all be grown as floaters or planted, so they would be ok if submerged or knocked around a bit.

    As for plastic floating plants, they do make them, I would suggest doing a search on some websites like or even and
  5. fish gazer Member Member

    I agree, I tried to have some live plants in my tank as "decoration", that lasted a week at a time, did some research only afterwards on their requirements and realised that I'd rather keep my focus on keeping fish right now. I just started my first tank less than 3 months ago, I already have my hands full figuring everything out.

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  6. fish gazer Member Member

    I did some searching and found one that could work, just have to see if they have it at a different pet store I'm going to today, it's by Exo Terra, called Water Lettuce. I hope they have it and doesn't look too cheesy.