Plasti Dip On Acrylic? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by Tuesday, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. TuesdayValued MemberMember

    Hey all- I want the back of my 300 gallon to be black, I know plastidip works great on glass, but what about acrylic? and also how would i get it off, if need be, since a razor will just scratch it everywhere? thanks
  2. A201Well Known MemberMember

    I also like black backgrounds. I use "black foam board". Just cut to size, then tape it to the exterior back of the tank. It works great, somewhat water proof, easy to install & remove and the most important factor; inexpensive.
  3. TuesdayValued MemberMember

    Does it look seamless? also where can one acquire that
  4. A201Well Known MemberMember

    IMO, it looks seamless, but I'll let you be the judge. This pic is of my 120 long w/black foam board background. You can buy big sheets of it at Hobby Lobby. 20181208_142703.jpg
  5. TuesdayValued MemberMember

    another thing is its like 6 inches away from the wall, so i need the back to look as clean as possible. This is stressful mannnnnnn

    also how much are they?
  6. A201Well Known MemberMember

    I think it cost about $6 for a three foot x three foot square.
    My tank is about the same distance away from the wall.
  7. DarkOneFishlore VIPMember


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