1. RWP0505

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  2. MelloYello

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    Ive had success with allot of them: (without root tabs, with ferts and medium lighting)

    -Amazon sword
    -Italian Val
    -val americana
    -Dwarf Pennywort
    -Lots of different stem plants
    -Temple plant

    And Ive herd good things about s-reppins however I have tried to order it 3 times now and received the wrong plant all 3 times! So I cant tell you myself.

    These are photos after they where first planted and they are still doing great.

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  3. J

    Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    @MelloYello staurogeyne repens is a low growing carpeting plantthat is bushy. What you have pictured is hydrocotyle, most likely hydrocotyle triparta 'japan'.

    @RWP0505 most any plant will do well in sand, however it's a good idea to use plenty of root tabs to support growth.
  4. MelloYello

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    I didnt say that I have s-reppens I said I tried multipule times to get it and failed
    and hydrocotyle triparta 'japan' was also nicknamed dawf pennywort... : Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan | Dwarf Pennywort Live Aquarium Plant Potted for Freshwater Fish Tank by Greenpro : Pet Supplies

    I actually recieved 2 plants of this japan stuff instead of s-repins, however it is doing a good job carpeting in my sand. I even have some pearling! :D
  5. -Mak-

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    Yes, almost any rooted plant is able to grow in sand.