1. DreamingAngel Member Member

    hi, I am looking for some beginner plants that can survive an LED fish tank hood, I'd like to try java moss, Anubias, Pogostemon, horn root Willow Moss Water Wisteria Marsilea minuta any suggestions for a newbie? also do I need anything else for the plants plant food dirt ect? I am having some issues with ammonia my tank isn't 100% I can't shake the ammonia out of the tank, was told plants help with lowering the ammonia, and if so, which plant (plants) would be safe in a semi unstable tank that can help with the ammonia spikes thank you, I'm very new to plants they always die on me :(
  2. James17 Well Known Member Member

    Start with some Wysteria, it will grow anywhere.
    I use some Flourish Tabs at the base of some plants.
  3. DreamingAngel Member Member

    thank you, think I might give that one try :) going over to lfs see what they have
  4. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    For a light that comes with the tank, pogostemon species likely won't work out for you. Also probably not the marsilea.
  5. DreamingAngel Member Member

    Thanks for the tips
  6. spreizfus Member Member

    I tried water wisteria, but it didn't work for me. I don't think it got enough light. My java fern and anubius nana are doing great though. Since then I started running my led lights about 5 hours a day, but now I have a bunch of hair algae. Got to find a balance here. Thinking about getting amano shrimps, but these two plants do great without much light!

    Edit: So sorry, it was anacharis that didn't work for me. Not sure what went wrong. Try running my your light on a timer.
  7. spreizfus Member Member

    I was hoping the plants would help lower my nitrate levels, but I've since read that in order to accomplish this they have to have enough light. Catch 22 with the algae!
  8. DreamingAngel Member Member

    I ended up getting 2 Anacharis plants. lfs said they good for beginners, hopefully they are right :)
  9. spreizfus Member Member

    I forgot to mention that my crytocorene is also doing well. It's roots are buried in the substrate, but the java fern and anubias I just tie to small rocks. That way I can move them around when cleaning or just to rearrange things. Great beginner plants!
  10. DreamingAngel Member Member

    is it ok to float them? or do I need to put them under the gravel? thanks
  11. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Floating anacharis is fine. You can plant then or weight them down with a plant weight. Anacharis can be fussy, grows like mad for some others can't keep it alive

    Best plants for stock lighting would be anubias and Marimo moss balls, with Java fern coming in 3rd. Hornwort might be ok (if the anacharis does fine the hornwort should do ok as well.). Avoid pogostemon, marsilea, willow moss, not meant for your lighting.

    As for the ammonia...unfortunately with your low lighting the growth won't be fast enough to help much.

    How long has the tank been running? What size is it.z what filter are you using? What livestock do you have? What are your other water parameters?
  12. DreamingAngel Member Member

    been running it since early may, 20 gallon tank filter is aqua clear 50, I am using two sponges and biomax in it, also have a foam filter in my tank that uses air pump.. 5 harlequin 5 danios and just lost my lemon tetra today :( I'm buying dr tims one and only bacteria they didn't have at lfs so had to order it, won't be here till Saturday, tests as of today ammonia 0.50 ph 7.6, nitrites 0 Nitrates 10, put the water up to 78/80 to help bacteria grow, trying to look for new filter types to try to help the ammonia spikes have loked at bio balls pearls and Matrix bio media, (Purigen,now that I have plants was told not to use this one) I did a 25 pwc yesterday as ammonia was 1.0, I have aquarium salt my guess is that even if it is for fresh water its useless. also looking to buy plant food for the plants to help them grow, thanks much for the help and tips..
  13. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Did you cycle it before adding fish (adding ammonia and monitoring parameters)? How long did it take to cycle? What did your ammonia peak at? Nitrites peak?
    When did you add the fish? Were they all added at the same time?

    Have you tested your tap for nitrates?

    Sounding like your tank isn't cycled... I wouldn't change any of the media now as it will cause you to recycle...
    When you clean the filter media do you do it in used tank water or tap?

    Do you have prime on hand to neutralize the ammonia?