Plants + Snail Jello

  1. KinsKicks

    KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello all!

    So I've got some early listing for some plants I'd like to sell

    Red Root Floaters- very beautiful floating plant with (mostly) red-green leaves and long red trailing roots. Perfect for sucking up nitrates and much easier to control than duckweed (currently unavailable, growing out some more)

    Pothos Plant- land plant that is very effective for sucking up your nitrates. I have cuttings that have rooted and are growing well in water (instant gratification) or I have cuttings that I have no roots of their own (a little patience until the roots come in). They have leaves are ~4-6in with ~2-4in stems btwn leaves. They've always been an indoor plants, so no worries about pests or insects
    - Rooted Pothos (limited)= $.75 per leaf + $5 extra/on top for the roots
    - Non Rooted Pothos= $.75 per leaf

    Okie, so I've been working on a snail jello recipes that won't require fresh foods (for when I don't have any) and can easily be mixed up just using my powder mix and my liquid mix (just like any other gel food you would buy)

    I know there are a lot of snail lovers out there who want to give their shelled friends (but finned friends aren't excluded from eating it either!) some good food boosted with lots of calcium and other healthy goodies (I can do a nutrient breakdown when my items come in if someone would like to know)
    If anybody is interested in purchasing some, please let me know! I'll be making a food ingredient list tomorrow to restock my supplies, which should arrive sometime this week, so I'd like to order the extra if need be :)

    Thanks all!