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Plants in a fishbowl?

  1. k

    klj7678 Valued Member Member

    Would I be able to keep 2 anubias coffeefolia in an unheated, unfiltered half gallon bowl? I've got eco-complete to put into the bowl and root tabs if need be. Would putting the bowl in a window help? They'll only be there until the 24th when I get my new tank, but I wanna make sure I'll have more than a rhizome with golden yellow leaves on it. Would this set-up be possible?
  2. FiscCyning

    FiscCyning Valued Member Member

    The Anubias will be fine in the bowl for that time. I've quarantined them in basically the same setup (1 gallon unheated, unfiltered, unlit "tank" in a windowsill) and they've survived just fine. They have pretty low light requirements so a little natural sunlight will be fine.
  3. skar

    skar Well Known Member Member

    I have a betta in a small vase with wisteria and that has worked well to. I suggest some sand because algea also likes it. And using the sand it is easier to remove.