Plants For Shrimp Tank

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    I'm looking for recommendations for some easy, low light plants for a shrimp tank. I'm already planning on getting java moss, but I'm not sure if planted or floating plants would be better. I'm not wanting to have any hard plants or any that require anything other than maybe adding a small but better light at the most. I do have sand substrate if that matters. Thanks!
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    I would recommend the following.
    Cladophora moss balls (shrimp love these)
    Java fern, this looks good attached to driftwood (I use fishing line as it's strong and almost invisible) it 's very hardy and will produce little plantlets
    All kinds of moss
    Heteranthera zosterifolia, don't know the common name but it grows very well and my pinocchio shrimp spend a lot of time on this plant.
    Egeria densa, grows very well (sometimes too well) and will spread across the surface of the water when it reaches the tank height.
    None of the above need strong light
    Most floating plants do not do very well in the aquarium unless you have very strong light, likewise red coloured plants.
    hope this helps
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    I have anacharis and hornwort floating in my tank and the shrimp love them. I have been planting the anacharis as it grows roots but I see the majority of my shrimp hanging out on the hornwort at the top of my tank.

    They also love my marimo balls and java ferns
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    My shrimp tank has Egeria densa which grows really fast, java moss and a marimo ball. The shrimp enjoy it all.

    There's a Catappa leaf too which the crystal reds can't get enough of.
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    My shrimp tanks all have a generous clump of java moss in them, as well as Micranthemum Monte Carlo, which they seem to love!
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    If your monte carlo is no co2 can you show a picture please? :)
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    No co2 :)

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    I agree - very lush, Queeqyo.

    I just planted my new 5 gallon for shrimp. Waiting on moss to ship. I've got a dwarf water lily for some height, moss ball and little Cryptocoryne parva which is new to me and I want to see what that does in the tank. Also some driftwood they can crawl around on.
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    Nice I want to get some of that for my shrimp tank now.
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    Thanks y'all! :)
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    I like more uncommon plants, this was my shrimp tank :) (before algae issues, slowly getting back on track)


    Bacopa colorata
    Ludwigia red hybrid
    Micranthemum monte carlo
    Christmas moss
    Bucephalandra (one of my eternal favorites)

    All are low light easy plants!
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    +1 to hornwort
  15. Chaotiklown

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    Plus one to hornwort.
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    Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Plant choices will depend on your lighting, ferts, and filtration (flow).
    Heteranthera zosterifolia (star grass) is an amazing plant, but needs good lighting and ferts. Fissidens is another alternative to common mosses but benefits from good lighting and higher flow. Mine also love cabomba (decent lighting and ferts)

    For easy low light plants I would stick to anubias, Marimo moss balls, Java moss. Second tier would be Java fern, guppy grass, anacharis, hornwort (these need SLIGHTLY better lighting then the first group and possible addition of ferts).
    Shrimp will appreciate any plant that you have.... if you have fish as well the cover provided by mosses (Java specifically as it grows a bit looser) is a big plus.