Plants For Sale! Want To Sell

  1. MD_Plants

    MD_Plants Member Member

    Hornwort 8 inches - 1 dollar
    Anacharis 1 foot - 1 dollar
    Ludwigia repens - 6 inches 2 dollars
    Ludwigia deep red - 4 inches 3 dollars
    Rams horn snails - 10 for 1 dollar

    Shipping depends on location. PayPal only. Should be around 8 dollars. Shipping from Maryland. Need to sell lots so please make lower offers on anacharis and hornwort if buying larger amounts. Will ship priority mail.
  2. ValerieAdams

    ValerieAdams Member Member

    Are any of these low-light plants?
  3. Ms rose

    Ms rose Well Known Member Member

    If you still have anarcharis Wed I'll grab some. Thanx for such a great deal. Very fair and very kind if you
  4. OP

    MD_Plants Member Member

    In my opinion any of these plants can grow in low light. Anacharis and hornwort can grow fast in just normal light that comes with the hood. Ludwigia will grow in low light just not color up has much. @ValerieAdams

    I will probably have some available. Just message me if you have any questions