Plants For A Shrimp Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by guppylover228, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. guppylover228

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    I'm planning on making a low maintenance (no co2) filterless shrimp tank. But I want to plant some plants in the tank first to go through the nitrogen cycle and all that good stuff. All that is to say my tank is only about 6 inches high so I'd love some plants that won't grow too tall. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be super greatful.
  2. Little Tank of Happiness

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    Marimo moss balls are good -- nearly impossible to kill, they are fluffy little decorative balls, and shrimp love to hide in it. I think java moss is another great one. They don't require special lighting imo.
  3. Al913

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    I would suggest getting a moss mat! My shrimps love them, you could also just get a clump of moss and put some substrate on top to weight it down. Java moss as mentioned above is one of the easier types of moss.

    Crypt wendtii and dwarf sag are also good options
  4. OP

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    Where would I be able to buy a moss mat? Is it already grown together or do I have to grow one on my own?
  5. -Mak-

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    Probably amazon, eBay, or aquabid
    A lot of the time they come attached to wood
  6. Al913

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    Ebay is a great site! Also Aquatic Arts is another place! You could also create your own :) I have 3 that I just started(had a big mat and then decide to make 3), I also have a big blotch(from first mat) that is in the substrate
  7. ashenwelt

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    You can also make a mat with the plastic mesh at most craft stores. Just weight the corners.