Plants Dying Out !!

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    So guys, I wanted to start a live planted aquarium.But before i got a large tank, i decided to start small.So I got a 1 gal tank , added substrate, got liquid co2, and lights. For my plants , i decided to get one anubias nana and some grass ( i don't remember the name).I did a 50 % water change every 3 days and a drop of liquid co2 every other day.It all worked out for a month or so, but after that, the leaves of the grass started to rot and fall off. I thought that the plants needed fertilizer, so i added some pelleted root fertilizer but there was no change.Now, even my anubias' leaves have started to turn yellow. I have no idea whats wrong so, help.

    I have attached the images of the almost dead grass and my yellowed anubias.

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    It looks like nitrogen deficiency to me, what kind of root ferts did you add?