Plants bubbling

  1. renthus Well Known Member Member

    So a couple of my plants, the Indian Red Sword being the primary one, have started actually letting a fairly regular stream of bubbles up. The red sword lets them go at just more than 1/sec. One per 10 seconds is more of the norm it seems. Just to make sure... this is a good sign, right? It's not a matter of having a damaged/open vein in the plant or something that I need to be worried about?

    Man, if they're photosynthizing this well now, I can only imagine how it'll be when I actually get some eco-complete in this tank in a few weeks. I keep wanting to do the substrate switch, but I have to move the tank anyway at the beginning of August so I have to tell myself to wait :p
  2. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, they are fine. When they are doing really well, they will get covered in bubbles. It's called pearling. It's a sign of healthy, happy plants.
  3. renthus Well Known Member Member

    Phenomenal. Now I just need to politely inform my HC that it's supposed to be growing. That stuff just won't budge... I'm tempted to grow it emersed for a while.
  4. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    renthus, are you using Excel or CO2 by chance ?
  5. renthus Well Known Member Member

    I use CO2 (something like 2-3 BPS), pumped into my makeshift reactor. My drop checker is reading a yellowish green, so I think I'm all set with that. A bit high, perhaps, but I'm keeping an eye on the fish and running a couple air pumps in conjunction.


    Tank water and co2 bubbles come in the top, and by the time it's gotten down to the bottom and past all the ceramic rings, the co2's dissolved. It's a nice system.
  6. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    Like said when the leaves are covered in tiny bubbles then you have very happy plants. But sounds like you are on the right track! If you want them to really pearl then I am going to say that it all starts with good lighting and then the proper proportions of co2 and ferts. You hit the right balance and you will be rewarded!

  7. atc84 Well Known Member Member



    Like this? This is the most pearling i've ever seen in my tanks, i don't usually see any (since they are all low-tech) but this is the result of a water change in a 1.5 gallon with 13 watts of light. Once you get the eco-compete then the Co2 will really boost your plants.
  8. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes, happy, happy plants :)

    The reason I asked about the CO2 i because my plants didnt start pearling until I started using Excel.
  9. renthus Well Known Member Member

    Actually, that's not quite what my plants are doing. It looks like yours are just having bubbles appear on the leaf, but mine actually have a consistent vertical stream. It's like a really, really, REALLY weak airstone.
  10. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I know what you are saying. I have plants that do that from damaged areas of leaves or from a cut stem.
  11. renthus Well Known Member Member

    Huh. It's been happening on a bunch of plants, and I haven't done any pruning. What's up with that?
  12. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    renthus How did you make you reactor?
  13. Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    Ah, that is pearling. My plants do that just a constant stream of bubbles when they are really happy. I use high light, dose ferts and inject co2.
  14. renthus Well Known Member Member

    The main body is a 1ft (bought as 2ft) semi-rigid vinyl tube. There are a couple of short cuttings from a pvc pipe crapped into each end, and another smaller one crammed into each of those (effectively moving two sizes down), then a 90 degree pvc fitting and a brass fixture. The brass fixtures have vinyl tubing going into the tank. The intake (top) is connected to a $10 powerhead I bought from petco, which happens to have a space for an air tube to connect on the output. The CO2 line hooks onto that. Also, the rigid vinyl is full of ceramic rings because why not. Filter sponge would probably be a better decision, actually.

    I might post pictures later.
  15. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    pics wold be good so i could see how it works cheers
  16. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh, didn't realize it was happening on a bunch of plants. Then that is pearling. :)
  17. atc84 Well Known Member Member

    yeah, it's the same thing, just for some reason the bubbles stuck to my plants and got really big lol.