Plants Are Rotting!!!

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  1. Manoj Arora

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    So my plants have been in my tank for one month. The plants are as follows -
    1) vallisneria spiralis
    2)hygrophilla sp Quadrivalvis needle leaf
    3)sagittaria subulata
    Vallisneria spiralis is also giving out some tiny bubbles and I got to know that this is a positive sign but from the last one week all three of my plants are rotting. I have led light which remains on throughout the day. What could be the possible reason?
    Thanks in advance. I'll also send some pics
    This is sagittaria subulata. The leaves are turning yellow. [​IMG][​IMG] some black spots are seen on the leaves. Please help.
  2. Jocelyn Adelman

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    Do you have more info on the led? Brand, color temp, etc. approx what time do you turn it on/off?
    do you add ferts? What kind and how often? Root tabs?
    Can you post a pic of the pennywort looking plant (the first one) from a different angle? Whole plant...
    Also I don't see the picture of the sag....

    So, the green spots on the hygro is green spot algae (gsa) and is commonly caused by low phosphates.
    On the Val it could be regular melt, but it's a bit late for that if you added them a month ago...
    did they melt for you at all when you first placed them?
  3. OP
    Manoj Arora

    Manoj AroraValued MemberMember

    I have white led
    I'm not sure about details but I can send a pic

    It remains on from 8 am till about 8pm which makes about 12 hrs..
    No fests and no root tabs the shopkeeper told me that the plants will be fine without it...

    I'll send another pic
    The front once look fine but the ones at the back have some serious problems I believe. BTW this plant is sagittaria subulata.
    Actually hygrophilla has got black spots not really green... But if it is the algae which you said should I take an immediate action. I am new to this so not sure what should be done. It won't harm my fish would it???

    Subulata started getting those brown leaves the day it came but at that time it happened very slowly. Now it seems to get new brown leaves every day...

    Please tell me what should be done with the hygrophilla with algae..
  4. Jocelyn Adelman

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    Nope :) sag subulata is a grass like plant, similar to your Val's pictured but with thinner shorter straight leaves. The top photo is some type of pennywort. :)
    So, I would disagree with your fish store guy, my Val's love and need root tabs. Hygros and sag (if you have it) would appreciate them as well.
    Pennywort is a column feeder and would need liquid ferts

    I would try the root tabs and a comprehensive liquid first before fussing around with lighting....
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    Manoj Arora

    Manoj AroraValued MemberMember

    I went to the shop again yesterday and the shopkeeper told that there was a confusion and it was actually hydrocotyle verticillata... So for the time being should I remove hygrophilla with gsa or should I let it be . I mean is that algae harmful for my betta? Also my rocks are getting some yellowish colour. Is it also a sort of fungus?
    Please tell me what you think I should do..
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