Planting anubias onto driftwood? Need help!


I heard you can plant anubias onto driftwood. I recently got a little potted anubia and I have a hole in the driftwood decor in my tank and this would be perfect for my anubia. But how do I remove the anubia from the pot, and plant the anubia into the hole? I'll post pics of the anubia and the hole.


To be honest **** you, the plant looks like a java fern to me. But to answer your question on removing it;
1) pull off the plastic pot slowly so not to break any roots that may be sticking out
2) pull off the root covering even slower so not to break any roots
If you wish to plant it in gravel
3) push your fingers into the gravel about 2/3 of the root length
4) put plant in and cover roots
if wish to stick to wood
3) take an elastic band and pout around roots
4) put the plant and elastic around the wood and wait a few weeks or the plant to get ahold of the wood
5) take off the elstic either very carefully or by cutting it.
I hope I answered your question.
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oh its a java fern? cool! well anyways, the way the hole was shaped, as soon as I stuck the root system in the hole and turned it a bit, the plant stayed in the hole without any bands or string or anything! it ended up to be 3 separate ferns in the pot, so I put 2 in the hole and then one nearby in another hole. they look good! thanks for the help. and another thing.... is there any way to add nutrients into gravel without adding a different substrate? i'm kinda not able to change substrate at this point....

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