Planting A 10 Gallon For Pea Puffer

  1. ktgruner

    ktgruner Valued Member Member

    We have decided to do our first planted tank - a 10 gallon pea puffer tank. From my research they like heavily planted tanks, but I'm not sure which plants we should use or how many I need to buy of each kind for a 10 gallon tank. Since we're new to planting we'd prefer to stick to beginner friendly plants.
  2. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Java fern is great! It is fine in a low tech tank and is really tough. It was one of my first plants. Pretty easy to propagate too. Anubias is also good.
  3. C

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    +1 on the java fern
    - but the great thing about a pea puffer planted species tank would be the fact they don't eat vegetation at all so you could really keep whatever you want. Unless you wanna do a biotope of their natural habitat - which would be great but I think I'd also be cool to give them some weird alien world to inhabit as well
  4. Kailyn

    Kailyn Valued Member Member

    Anubias! They are very easy.
  5. OP

    ktgruner Valued Member Member

    Java fern looks great! It looks like there are quite a few types of Anubias- are the any types that I should stay away from?