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still looking for some light suggestions for my 20g long. Went and actually bought a finnex 24/7 the other day from doctors foster and smith website. Got an email hours later saying they didn't actually have them anymore because of a sale they had selling them dirt cheap. So basically they were selling more than they actually had they also said they're being discontinued so they won't have them at all again. i assume maybe because there's newer models now. the 24/7 se and cc models (30") is $107 on Amazon... I could buy a few more tanks for that much. So any ideas were to get one for less? I do plan to get some CO2 going in my tank soon to avoid algae growth. i have more medium than high light plants. So maybe even would a beamswork be okay? I'm just lost with this tank and some of the low light plants are growing like weeds.. The others not so much.
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