Planted fresh water beginner - high ph Help

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    psesay New Member Member

    Hello, I currently have a freshwater planted tank (20 gallon long) with 3 harlequin rasboras and 3 red phantom tetras. The pH in the tank has been over 8.0 since I cycled and added the fish. I was advised by employees at my LFS to use an acid buffer to lower the pH but that has not worked at all and my thought is that the alkaline buffers are already to high for that to work. Apart from building a diy co2 generator, how else could I lower the pH using natural methods?
    Ps: I have a 50 aquaclear filter and ammonia is just under .25.

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  2. AmazonPassion

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    Quick question, why are you trying to lower our pH? I have a planted tank my pH runs 7.6-8
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    psesay - are you using Alkaline buffers and acid buffers? Or do you mean that your water is alkaline already naturally out of the tap?

    Personally I wouldn't worry about your PH, most fish will adjust to your PH as long as it's stable and they will do better with less chemicals. In another thread we were discussing making your water into a "blackwater" tank for amazon type fish like your tetras. If you really wanted you could use these Eheim peat pellets...

    Just put them in a media bag down in your filter. But I don't think your PH is too much to worry about. Many pet store employees advise on the PH as that is what they are taught, but if you talk to a lot of the fish keeping experts they say to not worry about PH that fish will adjust. I personally have neon tetras (which are supposedly delicate and need soft acidic water) in my tap water which is around 8ish as well. My plants do great a long with my Red cherry shrimp.
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    AmazonPassion I'm trying to lower the pH because I was told the fish wouldn't do well in high ph water. It came up because I had convict cichlids prior to planting the tank and they didn't care much about the pH level.

    Dolfan I am only using an acid buffer.

    The fish and plants are doing just fine at this point so I think I'll just let them be and stop using the chemicals.
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    How do you check the hardness of your water?
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    API makes kh and gh test kits.