Planted 29g Sump For 75g Planted Tank

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How should I get Rid of my BBA? I'm just guessing common methods.

  1. More Panda Garas

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  2. More Pothos

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  3. Duckweed even though annoying

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  4. more co2

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  5. Increased flow in the tank

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  6. some type of plant in the sump

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  1. GageValued MemberMember

    I am trying to cut down on algae in my main tank because it has been exploding with BBA.

    Solutions I Tried:

    Adding 3 panda Garas Should I add more?
    turned lighting down to 6 hours a day
    shutting off one of the lights
    added elodea
    big water changes

    What kinda worked:

    Panda Garas ate the algae almost completely and now its slowly coming back again but on plants this time (the first time everything was on the substrate and drift wood)

    That's all that really worked so far

    Tank Setup:
    2 led shop lights from sams club (4500 lumens each so super bright)
    1 inch layer of dirt with 1 inch layer gravel cap (I do 40% weekly water change)
    29 gallon sump with pothos in it
    1/2 of the sump could be a refugium
    Co2 put into return pump of sump (paintball co2) 2 bubbles a second (almost completely dissolves

    Current Stocklist:
    5 blue rainbows
    1 farlowella catfish
    2 amano shrimp
    1 angel fish
    3 panda garas

    Also in the tank but temporary from another tank crash
    3 adult mollies and Three 1/2" babies
    3 Guppies
    1 cherry barb
    2 Kuhli loaches

    What plant should I put In the refugium that can out compete the algae? I would like to grow aquatic plants preferably instead of pothos because pothos has only removed nitrates for me

    I would have the refugium lights running whenever main tank lights are off (so 18 hours a day) would running the sump light during the off period of the main tank also reverse the possible ph swing from co2?

    What else would you recommend to do to get rid of BBA?

    This is a video to get a general idea of the system if you need (Its a entry to IFG's 5k giveaway but goes over the system) :
  2. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Giving this a bump up for you
  3. Tiny_TanganyikansWell Known MemberMember

    You need to focus on hitting 30 ppm of co2 which will halt the bba in it's tracks. Manual removal of existing algae will fix your problem.

    You have too much light and not enough co2 so your plants cannot photosynthesis properly and use nutrients efficiently. However bba thrives in this scenario.

    Pothos or any emmersed plant may help, but may not depending on how much it's going to compete. Fixing your co2 is key and may be difficult with your sump. Having the overflow in the right position and the sump air tight in any wet/dry filtration sections will help you use less co2.
  4. notmyfirstname123Valued MemberMember

    I got 20 cherry shrimp and they keep my plants spotless. If you don't have that as an option I have also used ghost shrimp and they work just as well and they are cheaper :)

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