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  1. BelladonnaValued MemberMember

    so I have been keeping plants about 5 months and about 3 months ago removed all of my gravel and went to add florite and caribsea flora max, since being new to this had no idea that this wouldn't be enough for my plants. I seem to have some type of defencacy in my plants as some are too brittle turning yellow from the leaf out, so I have been adding thrive twice a week, then I do a 50% pwc, I also use flourish root tabs. not sure what else I can do to keep the current plants I have, my light is bright enough and most my plants are beginners . I have 1 swords 1 anubis some Anachari, Hornwort and Ludwigia Repens, they don't look too bad, it just seems they have lack of growth and just too many keep wilting and dying off, at first thought they were just adjusting from another tank where they were grown but now I have no clue why they are doing bad, any suggestions?


  2. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    Can you post a picture of them?
  3. BelladonnaValued MemberMember

    okay, here's a few of the ones I took just now, the sword and jungle val seem to be the worst off as they keep losing leaves jungle val and looks ragged and yellow, too much fertilizers maybe?. hopefully these are good enough. thanks again.

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  4. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    Are you trimming your vals? How long have you had them? It looks like it could possibly be the older leaves that are dying. The sword looks like it is still in the process of becoming full submerged. I can’t tell what is wrong with the second picture?
  5. BelladonnaValued MemberMember

    yes have been trimming the tops on the vals whenever they look too awful that the plant would be better off with me trimming, oops it's some of the loose plants that I have floating accidently added those in :eek: I've had them since late may. but I feel much better if that's the only ongoing issue!
    thank you :)
  6. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    Right, so with vals you don’t want to trim the leaves. If you do, trim it as close to the base as possible. The leaf will rot once it is trimmed.
  7. BelladonnaValued MemberMember

    yikes! then that's good to know. guess I still have much more to learn :) have mostly dealt with java ferns starting to get a little more advanced plants. some of them are very tiny some of the ones I didn't cut they just fell off. hopefully they will start to recover nicely once I just leave them alone :p so with the sword just leave the damaged leaf to fall on its on is best approach ?
  8. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    It should grow back in no time with the amount of nutrients your tank has to offer. Yes, let the leaves fall on it’s own.
  9. Jocelyn AdelmanFishlore VIPMember

    The sword would be acclimated if you have had it for 5 months... maybe you added it more recently? If it’s was recently added no cause for concern. If you added it five months ago it’s an issue.

    Val’s can be trimmed without concern, not sure where it started that they can’t but they can. I do it regularly.

    Thrive should be dosed once a week for a low tech tank, not what’s causing an issue but wanted to mention. Ideally dose 1-2 days after wc.

    Your lighting would be where I would lean towards. What size tank and what lighting are you using?
  10. BelladonnaValued MemberMember

    have had it since the beginning of june, so only a 2 or 3 weeks now. my tank is 20g and the light is about 16w, so would be about 3000 lumens. so as of this week majority of the plants are starting to look much better. I did trim a little of the sword since the leaf looked like it wouldn't recover too well. and it is growing a little each day, think trimming it actually encouraged it to grow better, the vals still a little shaggy so I am just going to let them fall off on their own to see how that does, whenever I would cut them they seemed to have some issues, so won't be cutting those unless its already really loose from the base of the plant. thank you all for the tips.
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