Plant Thinning

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    66BCA812-8A80-4300-BAF6-E6F7CFF37C1F.jpegDD3D7C6F-1852-411B-9C6D-14857A13C7C0.jpegA8369EDE-C3C5-4ADC-A21F-08B4A867953A.jpeg610A9D11-BBA6-4652-B280-D012F971161D.jpegF304F315-1B30-492F-9732-BB96C13794CF.jpegBE4A0033-FC78-4FBD-80C0-1C327F496AC2.jpeg These are 3 of the 5 tanks i thinned the vegetation today.

    I love plants, think they are very beneficial to the entire tank and fish in particular but these got so overgrown it was out of control.

    Now I can see the fishes so much better.

    Lots of filter cleaning too so i’ll Monitor ammonia for a few days.


    I meant to do before and after photos but the order got mixed up.
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  2. Fishcat

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    Your tanks are gorgeous! What’s that little carpeting plant? I can’t quite make it out.
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    Wow, beautiful!
  4. OP

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    I think it is chain sword.

    Not really sure.

    It took off when I first planted it so I divided it and put it in a couple of other tanks.

    Then went back to my “” receipt and figured out that’s what it is.

    2 of the tanks I put it in were dirty tanks. It seems to leech out the nutrients pretty quickly. It’s kinda brown in the original tank.