Plant Relocation


    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    Looking to change a couple things around in my 55, 10, and 8.8 i'de like to change a couple shorter plants to the 55 and some shorter ones to the 8 and this a bad idea...they seem pretty rooted for having a gravel bottom...reasoning for it is some of them are coming to the surface and out of the water in the 10 and 8....also just to change a few things up as far as looks...and to hide that extremely large Eheim heater i just added to my 55 :):)...Thanks for any info
  2. r15u5

    r15u5 Valued Member Member

    I change between tanks with a quick rinse in between taking care of the root system as much as possible. Clear the bottom, poor substrate on top, Fresh fert tab and we're good.