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Annie's bettas

HI everyone!

Just quick, may KananI swim in peace.

Next, here are some plants that I have and why I recommend them!

Anubias'- I have Anubias nanas, Bartelis, nana petites, and coffeefolias. 10/10. They do best with Co2 booster (at least) and Flourish by Seachum (not necessary), but are a great beginner's plant!

Swords- I have Amazons, Rosettes, and... one other.... 9.5/10. They also do best with Co2 boost and Flourish. But, they too are great beginner plants!

Cabombas- I have Cabomba Carolinianas, and they are amazing! You have to be extra gentle with them, but once planted, they sprout roots very easily! They do need Co2 boost , but one thing about them is that you can cut off any part of the main stem, plant it in gravel, and it'll grow a whole new plant! So 10 can come from one! The only reason it's 9.5 is because it is really fragile, and needs careful handling.

Christmas moss- I have a HUGE bunch, and they work well! 8/10. They also NEED Co2 boost, but are easily managed. The one thing is that they need trimming if you want them to continue growing, as it promotes horizontal growth. The plant is especially pretty though!

Java fern- I've had these, and... 5/10. When they first started out, they were fine, but mine was not a healthy bunch. Advice? Do not get ferns that have 1) Brown patches, they don't go away easily. 2) Fern sprouts on leaves, this means that the fern is getting ready to die, and is sending out sprouts to carry on for it! Always give the ferns Co2 boost, and tie the roots to a rock, as they can't survive in only gravel.

El Nino fern- basically, the exact same as Java fern, as for rating, advice, care, and experience.

I hope this helps, and I will post more of these when I get more plant variety!

Annie's Bettas


You run pressurized Co2? Or are you still talking about the Co2 booster?

Annie's bettas

You run pressurized Co2? Or are you still talking about the Co2 booster?
Still talking about booster! It works wonders on the plants! They all love it! Sorry about the misunderstanding!

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