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Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Zoomo, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    So, I am new to plants, like never had a live fish tank plant before and just delved in. I have anubias now, java fern, aristo something, and ludwigia repens.

    I have found out now that none of what I have bought can really be planted into the gravel because their rhizomes need to be above the gravel. Right?

    I did not realize this when I planted them all.

    The anubias came attached to driftwood so they are okay.

    The rest I took pieces and attached small pieces of weights to the bottom and dug them into the gravel.

    So my confusion is, how will it attach to the gravel, and if it does, does that mean I can never take all the water out of the tank and clean it because I will uproot my plants?

    I would attach it all to stuff, but I do not have any small stuff to attach it to and wouldn't the tank look silly with tiny driftwoods all over the place?

    Basically I want the back wall of the tank to be pretty densely covered by tall plants like the ludwigia and fern and aristo, so how to I get it so that it will grow across the back of the tank? What do you all attach it to. Am I better off potting them so I can move them if need be? But there are really no roots on these things, and I cannot bury the rhizomes.

    The front, middle I want around both sides with shorter plants like the anubias. I have 2 now. I Again, I would have to buy tiny pieces of driftwood to attach it to or rocks.

    Plants are a pain in the tookus. Some of the ones I planted supposedly have been floating around the tank free float, just a few pieces here and there and i just stick them back like under a decoration, but I guess I want to be able to clean my gravel from time to time completely by taking it out.

    Buying driftwoods with these plants on them is not cheap. Buying potted plants won't help because I have to get the cotton off each one and their rhizomes cannot be buried.

    Few things:

    1. Help me!!!!
    2. Does any plant seller sell plants for people like me affordably where it is attached to something and all I have to do is stick it in the tank? Or maybe in pots but without that cotton so that I can just stick the pots in the tank all along the back wall?
    3. Am I overthinking this?
    4. Can somebody anal like me tell me how they do it? Do you move them or take them out from time to time?

    I watched probably 5 videos explaining how to plant plants but they were too difficult for me to follow, and they did it by plant and called the plant their real names, so not what I know yet.

    Should I just stick with fake plants? Does anybody sell bushy fake plants that I can cover the back wall with? I really wanted to make plants work but I don't think I am doing it right. None have died, but they just seem all thrown in there. With my water change am going to do some fixing, so I don't have to swim in the tank to do it.

    Okay, crisis averted for now, breathe Zoomo. I really really want plush growing plants that you all have in your tanks, but I think I am doing it wrong.

    Oh and if I use pots, and I put soil in them, won't the soil spread all over the tank and make mud?
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  2. maggie thecatWell Known MemberMember

    Yep. You are definitely overthinking.

    Rocks and fishing line. (You bury most of the rock) Weighted wraps for stemmed plants. Suction cups for airline. (Stick the stem where the line goes.

    And so on.

    Of course you can buy fakes. Look at silk plants especially. But some of the plastics can be quite good too.
  3. Mike1995Well Known MemberMember

    ludwigia can be planted in the substrate. It's a stem plant so it will benefit from liquid fertilizers. Anubias, java ferns, etc should be attached to driftwood, rocks etc. They are the ones with the rizomes that need to be above substrate. They will rot. if you want to go super easy, aquarium coop has java ferns and anubias that they sell already rooted into the wood.
  4. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    Will check them out. Thanks. I have 2 anubias attached to drift wood, need more.

    New problem. I have the Seachem Tidal filters on my tank, a 75 g and a 55 g, and they have skimmers on them, and every hour or so a plant leave breaks loose and blocks the skimmer inflow thingy creating this grinding chewing sounds, grrr. I clear it away, stick the plant next to or under some ornament and it goes away. Hope I don't destroy my filters.
  5. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    Had an idea. I plan to use plastic canvas sheets, cut into strips to go at the bottom of the tank attached to the back wall of the tank with suction cups, and attach my plants with fishing line to the front of the plastic canvas. The strips will be about 1 inch high but span the entire width of the tank. This way, I do not have to worry about them free floating or if I have to move it some day, I just pull out the strips. I ordered the canvas and stuff so when I do my water change and I will hold off until Saturday when my Amazon order is expected to arrive, will pull all the plants out and attach to this canvas idea. Hoping it will work because them floating all over the place, even though I stuck them behind stuff, or under stuff, or in the gravel, is driving me batty. I hope the strips get covered up relatively quickly by new growth of the plants so they won't be seen.

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