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Micah Cole

what would be the best plants to put into a refugium and many different types of plants can I put into one I heard that chaeto and mangrooves are good but can they live together and are there any other plants?



Link of interest below:

Not a salt tank keeper myself. Hold on for more responses.

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Micah Cole



Hi, I had a 20 gallon chaeto refugium for some time and it worked well/had fun with it till I was introduced to bio pellet reactors by ryanr & Mike (which killed that fun ) in a 125g.

Bio pellets are far-far better but suggest the chaeto alone for a natural method vrs any of the others...and believe me I researched it to no end. Mangroves are VERY kool but much more work/time consuming to set up, I would just go with the chaeto if you want to go that direction - it was fun while it lasted but....

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