Plant ID please?


I got this plant for free when it got bagged up by mistake at Petco like 2 years ago. I suspect some sort of sword based on looks and the fact whatever it is, it's a heavy root feeder. I know it's showing some deficiencies, and that's because I don't take care to specifically fertilize it since I don't really like it lol. It feeds off the root tabs for the nearby crypts and lilies. It's spread to at least 2 possibly 3 plants, but it did so via underground runners not that spike you usually see with swords. So that's throwing me off. Can someone tell me what I have please?



No one knows ! Lol.

Vishaquatics any idea?
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You're definitely right, it's a sword species of some kind. It's a bit hard to tell since there aren't many leaves, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's a ruffle sword.
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