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Plant I.d?

  1. toeknee Well Known Member Member

    Hello all. I'm ashamed I've had this tank for almost two years now and I'm not sure of what two of my plants are. I'm not sure what the red stem plants in the center are or the tall green broader leaf stem plants in the back right are. The red stem plants has been the most difficult and finicky to keep happy. The back right plant is one of my easier plants it seems. besides having thinner leaves making them easy for the ramshorn snails in my tank to eat holes in.
  2. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

    I don’t know but that’s a beautiful tank!
  3. toeknee Well Known Member Member

    haha, thanks! It's been a long work in progress with plenty of ups and downs.
  4. aniroc Well Known Member Member

    The green one is Hygrophila corymbosa. As for the red one....maybe Alternanthera?