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I have a 31 gallon tank and I want a background plant that is easy to take care of, but looks nice and will not take forever to grow and will not overun my tank if there is such a thing. Let me know you advice.
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I am looking for a background plant that is easy and doesn't take forever to grow any idea?


Re: Which plant?

Well what type of lighting do you have, substrate, and do you have co2 or ferts at all?



For a standard light (that is, a low-light) tank with a regular gravel, there are really no plants that will grow well in that gravel. All plants that grow in gravel will need better light and nutrients. But there are low-light plants such as Java Moss, Java Fern, and Anubias that can be attached to objects such as decor and driftwood, where they will grow.

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HI Fish lovers I merged your two topics I hope you don't mind. When posting the same question in different places it makes it hard to keep up with the answer. This way all your questions and answers are in one place

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