Plant experts needed - Anubias plants


I have anubias plants in my tank (4 red claw crabs, 5 black skirt tetras, 5 ghost shrimp--I think it's 2 now others have been eaten--) and 5 rose fin minnows. The tank is cycled and definitely over filtered.

MAIN POINT : I have some leaves and with stems attached still floating around for 2 weeks and still very green, what can I do with these? I feel like they can act as clones likes some select plants can do. I have a pandularium. So I can attach them to a porous rock or push them into substrate.

Please let me know what I should do with them. They taste bitter and are waxy to the crabs, so they don't pick at them very much lol. This is a crab focused tank, fishes are for my wife

I want to add, I have a very green thumb when it comes to non-aquatic plants. I have successfully grown melons, lemons, mangos, snake fruits, all indoors and some "others" but I don't know the dynamics of the ecosystem in aquariums with pants and animals.

I know hydroponics to the T and soil a bit above basic.
So I really need to know what I can do with my anubias leafs floating around with stems attached.

Thanks fishlore, I love you all and I'm new here

I want some commentary from aquarium-plant-experts and if the leaf with stems attached can be re-planted...

It's an Anubias plant.


Hey sounds like a nice tank and I’m sure you might already know it but don’t plant Anubis in the substrate they grow off their rime I think is how you spell it and they need to be glued or some way to stick them to a rock or drift wood. I hope I was helpful have a nice day


I don't know if a new anubias plant will grow from a leaf like some other aquatic plants but it never hurts to try. Personally I would just leave them floating or maybe tie them to something since we don't actually "plant" this species of plant and just give them time.


As mattgirl said, I agree and let it float, or if you think it is getting beat up in the current, try tying it down. I've never tried to clone anubias but if there is some rhizome still attached I would think it will send out some roots. Once you see some roots, you may be able to use it the ways you describe.

As far as dynamics, if you aren't using a fertilizer package, what you put into the tank as fish food will have an analysis on it, broken out into some minerals and nutrients you should recognize from terrestrial gardening, and a few you would see in your human food as well. Your fish will use some of the nutrients but many will pass through them, as will the over fed food. The crudes will break down into the nitrogen portion you would typically see in the NPK packages, the p phosphates will mostly come from the source water and over feeding, and the potassium will almost exclusively be found elsewhere. I ended up using potassium bicarbonate to help keep my pH level (carbonate controlled) while also supplementing a low nutrient, my water is also low in magnesium so that was also addressed.

Coming from a terrestrial background also, I think you will enjoy the challenge of doing it the hard way and balancing your water, stocking, feeding, and then individually dosing as required. The fertilizer packages available are pretty easy beets though if you just don't end up digging it.

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