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    I'm going to start my first live plant aquarium for a betta sorority. It's a 20 gallon long. I plan on using an aqueon floramax bulb in the tank hood and no CO2. I believe the bulb that fits my tank is only 17 watts. For the substrate I'll be using a mixture of caribsea tahitian moon and caribsea eco complete. I can add liquid fertilizer and root tabs. Looking for relatively easy to care for plants that would do well in this environment. I'm wanting some medium sized plants and a few that would grow to the top of the tank. I'll have a driftwood log I can tie plants to. I'd love something other than a green plant, but all the ones I've found require quite a bit of maintenance. I've heard there aren't any carpeting plants that do well in low tech tanks, is that true?

    I'm also open to other suggestions as far as bulbs, substrate, etc. Nothing has been bought except the tank so I can easily switch plans.
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    Hello :)

    Yes, it is rather difficult to get plants to carpet in low tech tanks. For that, you will need CO2, high light, regular pruning, and patience! One alternative would be to grow Java Moss by using a mesh net to pin it to the substrate. Java Moss is much easier to grow and less demanding than typical carpeting plants. Liquid ferts definitely can't hurt.

    Non green plants usually require special lighting and nutrients to bring out their true color.

    Hope this helps!