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  1. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    I want to get a 5 gallon tank for a Betta, and use live plants. I also want to start replacing the fake plants in my 10g with live ones to help with my nitrates. I want to use a few varieties of Java Fern and maybe some Java Moss in the 5g. Anyway, I'm not really planning on fertilising the plants or, first of all, could I get away with that? And if I can, I'm worried that a single Betta would not produce enough CO2 and Ni3 to support a bunch of plants. In that case, I'm just as open to getting a couple of females.
    Just some general advise on plant keeping would help, or ideas of other easy plants that don't need good lighting.
    Thanks for any help...I've got the fish down, so step two is the plants!
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  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    I don't run CO2 in any of my tanks and the plants do just fine. I have basically Java Fern, Java Moss, crypts and Anubias. Of course these are pretty much low light plants.
  4. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Actually, I found that I can get a 10g kit for the same price as the 5...I think you can predict my subsequent decision ;) I think I will get 8 Glowlight Tetras and 2 Female Bettas (which they actually sell at my lfs :D). So forget the CO2, I didn't think you needed that anyway, but what about fertilising? Also, my water is around pH 8(ugh), would this bother the plants?

  5. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks for the site Gunnie! I didn't know you could leave Java Moss floating!
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes you can leave Java Moss floating but it tends to take over the tank that way ;) I have a 10G thats almost full of java moss and the guppy fry love it.