Planning my next 75g tank

  1. marc-olivier

    marc-olivier Valued Member Member

    Hi all, I plan to move to a bigger tank 48x18x21 75g shortly and could use a little help how stocking the tank?

    All my fish from my 38g will move to the new one:
    1 keyhole
    1 angel
    5 hatchetfish
    1 Rainbow cichlid
    2 corry panda
    1 clown pleco

    I should be able to add more corry and little more hatchet but how many ?
    What could be a good tetras school maybe congos or blody heart ?How many?
    I like angel but dont know how many of them could fit in 75g ?
    For My rainbow its hard to understand how he will react with more angel.. Now he is playing tough but safe with my angel.. Im not sure if I should sell it..
    My keyhole is fine always stay low and move slow. Better since I had the rainbow :;nw

    Thats it for now, Also let me know if you have same setup, maybe with photos? Always nice to compare.
  2. m

    mtsguy21 Well Known Member Member

    In my 75 gal I currently have a pair of angelfish, 2 bolivian rams, 7 rasboras, 5 kerri tetras, 4 platies, 2 panda cories, 4 otos, 3 amano shrimp, nerite snails, and mystery snails. The cories should be in a school of 6 or more. I ordered more panda cories awhile back and they didn't make it through Qt. I would also get a few more hatchet fish. How old are your cichlids? Adding another cichlid could cause territorial issues. I have never kept keyholes or rainbow cichlids though. I bought my angels when they were only the size of a dime, and let the form a pair before moving them into the 75g. You have to be careful when adding any fish with cichlids anyways. Are you taking down the 38g completely? Why not leave the keyhole or rainbow cichlid in the 38 and do a tank around them? (Feel free to correct me if 38g is too small.) Hopefully you will get some more responses soon.
  3. OP

    marc-olivier Valued Member Member

    keyhole and angel are 2 years old and big
    my rainbow 1 years old.
    still not decided if i kepp the tank 38g for sure it could be helpfull.