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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Disc10, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Disc10New MemberMember

    Before I start my water conditions are due to the tank still cycling, I have fish already because my LFS adviced me to do so to help with the cycle. I won't be doing this again in the future.

    I currently have two adult swordtails (one male and one female) and as of a couple of minutes ago eight baby swordtails (heh I keep finding more everyday;D). I know unless I have a species only tank I am probably going to have to re-home a few of the fry, possibly most of them, if I want different kinds of fish in the future. I was wondering which fish would make good tank mates, and how many more fish I could get if I reduced my population of swordtails?

    I do have a specific question about Bettas however. I've heard mixed opinions about them, varying from they can be good community fish to dear lord keep them separate, I was just wondering what is the case with them? Would they be okay with swordtails in my size tank?

    Thank you for your time, this'll help me plan ahead for when my tank is actually ready for fish.
  2. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    I'm defintley in the "dear lord keep them seperate" category when it comes to Bettas. They can be alright for awhile & then out of the blue turn into killing machines. They could also be aggressive straight away & start attacking everything in the tank. The exact opposite could happen to & the Betta could end up being beaten by the other fish. It depends on the individuals personality. They are seperated from all other fish soon after birth & are raised that way. Seeing as they spend thier lives on thier own they tend to like to keep things that way.

    To go with Swordtail there are heaps of other better options. You could do some Platies, some kind of Tetras or Rasboras, Cherry Barbs or even some Rainbowfish. All will eat fry so there would be natural population control. A school of 6-8 Rummynose Tetras would help keep the Swordtail numbers under control.
  3. Disc10New MemberMember

    I've always liked tetras, I'll probably have a good number of those in my tank. I have a couple of questions about specific fish, namely Red tailed black sharks and Plecos.

    The sharks, would one on it's own be okay in a tank my size with these other kinds of fish? I know the main issue is that they get territorial so I don't know if I have to room to keep one.
    EDIT: It's likely that with Tetras and such I'd need a much bigger tank before I could even think about getting this kind of fish fora community tank. I'l leave this one off.

    I rather like Plecos but I know my tank is no where near big enough to keep a regular one, I was just wondering if some of the smaller species of Pleco could happily live in my tank?

    Thank you for the advice and for your time.
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  4. Disc10New MemberMember

    Sorry for the double post but this is a somewhat different.

    Well after doing some research I have found some fish which from what I read make good community fish and are relatively easy to look after.
    Neon Tetras I've always liked so I plan to add some of them. I had bad luck with the first bunch I tried looking after because of the horrid cycle process. Never again.
    Kuhli Loaches are another fish I'd like to get. I remember my parents having them in their tank back when we still had it and they were lovely, and my tank should be big enough for them.
    I was also thinking of getting a Dwarf Gourami as apparently they make good starter fish and look rather interesting.

    My biggest issue now is how many of each fish I can actually get, I'm very confused on how to work out when I will have overstocked my tank. Some places say 1 inch to every gallon, others say 1 inch to every 2 or 3 gallons, I don't know what method is best. ???
  5. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Inch per gallon rules are horrid IMO but can be a good place for a beginner to start with standard community fish. Best to stick with the 1" per gallon if you want to follow those rules. Once you get more experience with different equipment, water testing & different fish you will start to get an instinct for what is a good stocking level & how much room the fish need.

    Neons are notorious for being difficult to get established in a tank. Make them the last fish you add. They much prefer being introduced to a more mature tank than one which has just cycled. DG's are much the same though they are a really cool fish. (I love mine)
    I would introduce the Kuhlis first then the DG then Neons. Kuhlis have a low bioload so they are a pretty good fish for small tanks like yours. I would probably go with 4 x Kuhli, 1 x DG & 8 x Neons. Those numbers may vary though depending on just how effective your filter is.

    I don't know of any Plecos suitable for your tank size other than Zebra Pleco. I get those pretty cheap but they are very expensive in other places. Think $150+. Perhaps a Pretty Pleco would work but I think you should really have at least 20gal for one of those.
  6. Disc10New MemberMember

    Thank you for the quick reply and the helpful information. I shall have to see if my LFS will take any of my swordtails after they've grown up a bit. after which I can start to slowly populate my tank assuming the cycle is complete. ;D

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