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Hi All,

After 10+ years in this place I will be moving this year. It could be as soon as the next few weeks - or in a couple of months.

the move is going to be a nightmare as I have to get everything down a couple of flights of awkward stairs- but the rule for any new place is ground floor

the move will include a 4 foot (60G) planted tankbut the main concern is a 210g tank and cabinet.

the planted tank and other nano tanks I can empty out,transport and reset fairly quickly - won’t need any special equipment. Hopefully I can rope some mates into helping me.

the concern I have is with the larger tank. As it has to go down stairs and is a heavy beast - I will need to use removalists. Even though I’ll be in the same city, there’s no assurance of how long they will take and I won’t have them move the fish. So I am wondering how the best way to go about planning this is...

option one:

get some large (food grade) tubs and place them at the new place. Take the filters and heaters (at least sponge filters and media) and set them up and then transport the fish to this tubs till the new tank comes and then resent it. This means that over 100kg of substrate will need to be emptied and refilled along with hardscape all in one session. I do t want fish in open tubs on the floor with cats and a dog!

Option two:

buy a new tank (say 125 gallon) and have it delivered to and set it up at the new place - and seed it with a filter and media from existing tank. Have it up and running and then bring over fish. Then the removalists can deal with main tank and I will have days/weeks to scape it and set it up a - and time to focus on the other stuff which is important during a move.

Option one seems logical from a cost perspective but stressful and time will be scarse.

Option two seems to fit better with time management but involves the cost of another tank (could be second hand or a good deal from LfS). This option means I then can set up a 125 gallon tank (exciting)!!! This all assumes the new place has room for the additional larger tank.

I’d be keen to hear people’s thoughts, as well as your experiences with how you managed moving with a 6 foot tank.

Distance of move: no more than 10 miles
Current tank: well over filtered so will have “spare filters” if need be
Fish: smal to medium sized cichlids. One large cichlid (melanura).
important: cost is important - but I’m realistic. If I should use “aquarium movers” specifically for the large tank rather than as part of the house move - that’s another option. Fish tank will be the last thing to leave - basically leaving an empty house.



A third option is get a new 210 gallon tank and set it up et all then sell the old one and not pay the removalist as the buyer can remove it. Other than that i think you covered the options. When I moved my 40B (not nearly the size of a 210 - but i had 2 day drive) I purchased a new 120 and set it up - then loaded my fishes into a tub put it in the back of the car and drove them (spent one night in a hotel). With regards to the tub issue a lot just depends on how many fishes you have and how long the removalist take. Fishes can go a few days without food as long as you keep them warm and keeping the tub dark will help but if the removalist takes months instead of hours it will be a problem...
As for total economics depends on how much the removalist cost and how much you could sell the tank/stand san hardware which you would keep for the new tank.


I was thinking about the buy new and swap them over. But in all honesty this tank is a six man moving job - and I just can’t see someone buying it and moving it. It’s only less than two years old so I don’t want to lose money either.
Problem is if it doesn’t sell I’m screwed as I’d have to move out of rental - and then would have to pay to move it to new place and have double tanks. Yeah I could sell it after - but I’d be paying for the move anyway.

Don’t get me wrong I may go that way but I reckon people will see how hard it is to get downstairs and just pass

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