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Now I have noticed these little fellows in my tank.. I notice them easily as I have a RB37 (blue spectrum tube) I assume when I power all lights down except this in the last hour before lights out, the planaria can't see it and think its dark and out they come. I never see them during the day with all lights on.

Anyway I have noticed on various internet material that these are harmless - my angels actually enjoy eating them. In the last hour they seem to do nothing else but look for these little white worms (which is why I noticed them in the first place). I have never noticed them in any tank I have ever had before... but this is the first time to use this type of light so maybe I did and was unaware.

Also these internet sites say planaria are the by product of some problem.. too much uneaten food, too much gravel - thus causing other problems.

OK heres the interesting thing. I have about 1/4 inch of gravel in this tank and a large number of potted plants I think they rode in on in the first place. I feed my fish twice a day very small amounts both times, on each feeding the food is gone in under 15 seconds (I give them two quarter pinches each feeding). Nothing hits the gravel at all. I usually watch very carefully.

My gravel is siphoned off in a 40% water change every six days (less than a week)! And I mean totally siphoned off.

So to that end I guess these little fellows are finding some food source somewhere.... I am sure that they eat more than just uneaten food. Either way my water conditions are always near perfect and my young gang of angels are shinning (I'm also assuming in part due to this live food source).


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Planaria are always present in a tank just not in large enough numbers to be readily seen. Yes your angels will polish them off for you and the live food won't hurt them If they get to be a nuisiance, skip a feeding for a couple of days and vac the gravel an extra time.
I've had them show up in my tanks for a couple of days then be gone and never see them again.
But do keep a close eye on your water parameters. so much protein waste(live food poop) might have an effect on them.

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