Placing Rock Flower Anemones to feed them?


I'm hoping to find someone that has some rock flower anemone (or I guess any anemone) experience. I made the newbie mistake of adding 3 Ultra Rock Flower Anemones to my aquarium. I say mistake because I later found out that my tank is not mature enough for anemones yet. My tank has been running for about 2 months and has 5 fish and like a dozen corals (mostly just frags at this point). My water parameters are 0 ammonia (API test kit), 0 nitrite (API test kit), 0 nitrate (API test kit), 0 phosphate (Salifert test kit), SG 1.025, temperature 78F, pH 8.0. I don't recall alkalinity, calcium or magnesium but they are close to the normal range for a reef tank. I have a 40 gallon breeder with a 20 gallon sump and using dual Current USA marine ic pro lights and dual 1050gph eFlux wavemakers (currently set to lower flow). Now that that's all out of the way... my issue is that they will not attach anywhere. I had them all attached for a few days in the beginning to the rock work but, one by one dropped off and they just sit on the sand closed up and upside down. Sometimes they will partially open up and then just close up again later. I've tried setting them in a good hole in the rocks and they attach and open up but then overnight they're on the sand again. I've even tried using the PVC endcaps buried in the sand and they stay there for a little while and slowly end up back under the rock work closed up in a ball or maybe partially open just laying there. I've had these guys for a couple of weeks now and trying my best to just leave them alone but, they aren't getting any food since they are not positioned to feed them. I know now that I should not have bought these yet but, now that I have them, I really want to do my part and do what I can. Does anyone have any advice here? What is it about the tank (not mature enough) that would make them so uncomfortable? And, is there anything I can do to make adjustments that may make them less stressed? Thanks for reading.


Giving this a bump up for you hope our salty members can help you today


Hate to report that all three have since died. I obviously didn't do thorough enough research into these animals.


SO sorry to hear this. I have had them in the past but could never get them to last more than a year or so. They aren't like your regular BTA or long tentacled understanding is that rock flowers like lower light - they sort of act more like mushrooms than anemones. If you try again, just try tucking them under a rock at the base of your rockwork in a sort of low-flow area. They like to have their foot under a rock and prefer to be near the sand. Better luck next time??


Thanks MagicPenny. Good info. I think my tank wasn't mature enough. Its only been running for about 3 months so, I've learned that I need to take that into consideration when selecting what I add. Live and learn.


Sorry for your loss do u have a pic of your tank I like to live vicariously through other peoples saltwater tanks cause I don’t have knowledge or guts to set one up yet


Thanks Kallililly! I definitely didn't have the knowledge and didn't think I had the guts either. Just decided one day what the ****. I'm getting bored with freshwater and planted tanks. I will say... it's expensive. Attached a pic. I went with a 40 breeder and 20L sump.


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