Placeholder scape -- What am I missing?

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    renthus Well Known Member Member

    So right now I've got a temporary scape in my tank. it's getting a *real* scape in about 2 weeks, when I move to my academic year room. The tank's high tech, with injected co2, ferts, root tabs, ecocomplete, high light (once you go LED you never go back), etc. Here's what I've got at the moment:

    The HC carpet is just starting to grow in. I definitely need to do some trimming on the groundcover plants, too. The driftwood that's standing up in the front is also on my todo list -- I still need to trim off about 6 inches from the top and do some flipping/adjusting to turn it into a subwassertang tree. The Indian Red Sword in the back corner also needs to move in a little bit, the back leaves are low on light. The tank itself is also going to get spun, since I've pretty much given up on getting the sticker off. My big challenge at the moment is figuring out how to hide my tech (ie that big powerhead). With that, I'm probably just going to try to hide it in the back left corner behind my driftwood and hygro. I'm almost tempted to set up a little tupperware sump and stick all the tech in there.

    Still, it feels like something's missing.

    I've got an abundance of groundcover plants, and my vals are more or less hiding in the back with the sword and hygro, which is fine. As I have been for quite a while, I'm trying to scrounge up a red tiger lotus. No luck so far. I feel like I'm missing altitude, though. I feel like I need some stems in there. I've got some rotala and bacopa growing in my betta tank, so I have access to that. Maybe some cabomba? I dunno.
  2. jetajockey

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    Some kind of bushy stem plants (maybe some kind of hygro) in the back center would be nice.