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Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by va1, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I bought a dozen piranhas about a month ago and have been feeding them just about everything so they dont become picky eaters. The main ingredient in there diet has been fish filets. Those frozen ones that can be bought at a grocery store. They are certainly cheap and the P's eat them up but I have a bit of a question as to whether they are providing enough in the way of nutrients. I kind doubt it but I could be wrong. I was wondering if I could more or less "marinate" the filets somehow and make them more nutritious. Or maybe do more or less kind of a beefheart recipe with fish filets. I didnt know if the kind filet mattered either. I been using tilapia cuz it was cheapest. Also I was wondering if things like frozen brine shrimp and frozen blood worms need to be thawed or if it will hurt if i just let my fish (mostly my oscar cuz the P's arent so interested) eat them frozen. Any thoughts would be nice
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    I'm not sure about your marinating question but yes food should be thawed before you feed. I mean think of it this way, you see a buger and it looks delicious so you eat it and find out its a big ice cube. You wouldn't like it...

    So thaw before you feed but brine shrimp and blood worms are a good choice, have you also thought about frozen krill? Oscars and the piranas both should eat that.
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    A dozen piranhas?? Where do you keep them?
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    There are a variety of liquid vitamin supplements sold that you could treat the food with prior to feeding. Not sure if it's necessary or not. Good luck with the piranha, I hear they're a pain when they grow due to space/filtration requirements.

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    Havent tried the krill yet but i may give that a try. For now im keeping them in the 135 gallon. But im always looking for larger aquariums so theyll get upgrades as they get bigger. Ill keep an eye out for those vitamin supplements.