Pineconed Scarlet Badis Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Fishstery, Feb 17, 2019.

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    Hey everyone.

    So my 3.4 gallon nano tank has been in full swing for a few weeks now. I pulled my shrimp colony from my 5 gallon and my 3 scarlet badis from my 12 gallon and added 3 clown killies. Everyone was doing great for awhile until recently I've had a few shrimp die off (I had a breeding colony in the 5 with zero deaths for months) and one clown killie die. I checked my water params and nitrates were a bit high at 20 ppms, so I've been mindful of keeping those below 10. I'm wondering if maybe my badis are picking at my shrimp between feedings and that's why they're dying, and my clown killie may have snatched a blackworm that was WAY too big for him and that caused his death?

    Now I've noticed one of my scarlet badis is having trouble. About 3 days ago I noticed him hiding, then labored breathing, then he wouldn't eat, and now hes hanging out in my floaters and as of today is bloated and pineconed. Now I will admit all my picky badis will eat are live black worms. I try my best to cut them into small enough pieces, but occasionally one full one will make it into the pipette and my badis are too quick at snatching them, then I have a badis with a worm twice the length of its body hanging out of its mouth. Its POSSIBLE that hes constipated from a large worm, but I've never experiences dropsy or pineconing and never in this I need help from you guys on how to treat him. Hes losing color each day, hes about all white now with faint pink lining. He was always half white as hes the least dominant badis, but all the color is slowly leaving his body. He still wont eat, is breathing hard, and basically just hanging out and not moving around much. Ammonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates are around 10, pH is around 7.8 and temp is 76. I've had my badis for a few months and never had any issues not even aggression. Please help me!

    Thanks you guys!
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    Your fish has dropsy. Something happened to cause it to be in a weakened state (poor water quality, bacteria/fungal infection, parasites, etc) and now it is bloated because the kidneys are failing and the fish is retaining fluid. You could get kanaplex and treat with Epsom salt baths, but the fish rarely gets better. You could also get clove oil to sedate the fish and then more clove oil will painlessly help euthanize it. I wish I could give more information or hope, but this is all I have.
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    I know badis and clown killies are tiny, but ime, they didn't do too well in my 5.5g (speaking about the killies). I had 2 males and 4 females. The males were always terrorizing the females who were always hiding as a result. Very heavily planted 5.5g. Even if they are ok bioload-wise, there might not be enough space for them coming from a tank 3 or 4 times the size.

    I also agree that it wouldn't take much for the worms to bind up a small fish, but usually if it's just constipation, the fish won't develop dropsy. Right now it is either infection or failing organs as already mentioned.