Pine Coned Goldfish :( Is There Hope?

  1. Sonya

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    I believe this is the result of egg binding - but can't be sure. I bought this beauty online from someone I trust, who has an impeccable reputation. Still, this fish would lay at the bottom quite a bit, from day one. She got worse and worse - but still has a hearty appetite. I know the odds are not good - but has anyone undropsied a fish from this stage, without using a vet? a4ea937574019712eaebcfd61f940d7c.jpg 1915e7150d1a6a8892f44520cc4ee105.jpg e33a6f076f40446cc3cf32760f6c047f.jpg
  2. goplecos

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  3. OP

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    I have her on kanaplex and a varied diet w/ medicated food and peas. I don't think its bacterial (always healthy poops - although not pooping as much now) but I don't know that for sure. She's in 80 degrees, epsom salt, kanaplex... poor thing will be killed with the cure. Once she stops eating, I will put her down, unless anyone out there knows of something else to try. She's still a little piggy, so I think I have time to try other things.