Pictus Catfish Fungus

Hey all, hoping someone can help me out here. 4 days ago, during a 75% water change & tank cleaning, I managed to get one of my pictus catfish’s pectoral fins stuck in my net while moving him/her into the holding tank. Well, for the life of me, I could not get the fin out of the net, and ended up having to cut a piece of the net out to free the catfish. Today, I notice there is fungus now growing around the area where the net is. What can I do? I know obviously I have to treat the fungus, but how can I get the net off? He/she seems to be acting fine. Can I cut the fin slightly? I’ve added a video of the fish so you can see the net. Please excuse the profanity, as I wanted to record a video and screenshot an of the fish; with many failed attempts. I don’t want him/her suffering.
ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
I would cut the fin a little. Watch this video to know how to do it:
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