Pictures of Grommi's Bubble Nest!! Also need a gender neutral name, please!

  1. iloveengl

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    He started it this morning and he's been working at it diligently all afternoon.


    I had to sneak attack the honey gouramis in order to get pictures; I soldier crawled across the living room floor and once I was about two feet away, I lifted just my arm and started clicking away. :p (Sorry the glass is way dirty. He doesn't have a black spot on his tail or a white spot on his underside fin....)


    This is the other gourami, who I *thought* was a male, but I'm not 100% sure. Never shown breeding colors and never built a nest. :;dk Can you help me name this one? Maybe a name good for a boy or a girl? :)


    *EDIT:* Eep! Grommi just put on his full mating colors (chin and underside fin become really dark, almost black) and he's flirting with the other gourami. The other one looks much chubbier than Grommi. Maybe a she???
  2. c

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    That is so cool. I cannot help you on the sexing but I am looking forward to what happens next. I too have a pair of Gouramis only they're pearl and easier to ID. I hope you get fry. I guess your male gourami knows what's he's doing, I don't think he would build a bubble nest without being sure the other companion is a female, would he? But I'm no expert in fish psychology, lol, so I'll leave it to the experts. Please keep us posted with the developing "love story" :photo:
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    Names? *LOL* oy vey.... Nah, you don't want my advice for names. With the exception of Spike and Nanaimo... All the Africans are named after parts of square rigger sailing ships... Like.... Scupper, Rudder, Bitts, etc... *LOL* The Clown Loaches are Itch and Skitch.... Yeah.... I'll keep quiet... *LOL*
  4. Aquarist

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    Hello Ilovee. Beautiful Gouramis! Best of luck for a spawn and fry.