Pics Of Weird Line Of Dots On Platy’s Tail. Like Something Laid Eggs In A Line On Her Tail Fin?

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    What is the water volume of the tank? 30g
    How long has the tank been running? 2 years
    Does it have a filter? Yes (the one that came with tank plus’s little small one that came with a betta 5g that i no longer use)
    Does it have a heater? Yes
    What is the water temperature? 80
    What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.)
    2 female platies
    2 male platies(i know the ratio is off- one “teenager” that i missed when netting the fry to give to local fish tire. I’ll bring him to them when i bring the next batch of fry)
    Powder blue gourami
    Bristlenose pleco
    2 German blue rams
    2 rummy nose tetras (i know i Need more rummies. They’re getting more in soon)
    I can’t answer rest of questions in this post because I’m on my phone and i can’t move cursor to the questions for some reason.

    How often do you change the water?
    How much of the water do you change?
    What do you use to treat your water?
    Do you vacuum the substrate or just the water?

    *Parameters - Very Important
    Did you cycle your tank before adding fish?
    What do you use to test the water?
    What are your parameters? We need to know the exact numbers, not just “fine” or “safe”.


    How often do you feed your fish?
    How much do you feed your fish?
    What brand of food do you feed your fish?
    Do you feed frozen or freeze-dried foods?

    Illness & Symptoms
    How long have you had this fish?
    How long ago did you first notice these symptoms?
    In a few words, can you explain the symptoms?
    Have you started any treatment for the illness?
    Was your fish physically ill or injured upon purchase?
    How has its behavior and appearance changed, if at all?

    Explain your emergency situation in detail. (Please give a clear explanation of what is going on, include details from the beginning of the illness leading up to now)
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    I do a 50% water change every 3 weeks but Vaccuum the gravel every week (so about 2 gallons every week when I Vaccuum the gravel)

    Tank was cycled b4 fish

    Ammonia 0
    Nitrate 0
    Nitrite 40
    I can’t remember pH but it’s in the middle - neutral
    And the water is soft

    Fish are fed twice a day - pellets that the local fish store uses (they are a mom and pop type shop - not petsmart and they are awesome.). I also give them a little algae wafer. Sometimes i give them dried brine shrimp or dried blood worms.
    I’ve had this fish for about a year i think. I ad ich a few weeks ago because water from the bag of the pleco from the store got in my tank. I treated with super ick cure immediately and all fish are healthy now. No sign s if ich. They’ve been ich free for almost 3 weeks now or maybe 2 weeks- i can’t remember.

    This platy has these strange dots all lined up in a row on her tail. It isn’t ich. I’m certain. You know how insects lay eggs on the underside of a leaf all in a row? That’s how these dots are lined up. Then above the dots there’s a few random bigger ones. She has been hiding out near the filter for about 5 days. She comes out to eat though. She’s swimming fine when she swims. She is pregnant - of course. I noticed her flash a little today on a plant. My toddler spilled some whole milk in the tank last weekend, but it wasn’t much and i did a water change and i think a couple of these spots were on her tail before the milk. I though they were just discolorations left over from ich spots.

    I noticed lots of bacteria in the water today - you know how you can see them wiggling in the water sometimes after you add thegood bacteria to the water. Well i saw that today, but i didn’t add good bacteria tontge water today so i thought that was weird.

    You will probably be able to see them in the pics i post.

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    Some more pics

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    A couple more

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    I did full image with these
    Also, I forgot to add there’s 2 more juvenile platies that i missed (I’m not sure if male or female)
    They will be going to the local fish store soon

    Are all the little wiggly Bacteria i seeing a bacterial “bloom”? I’ve heard this term before but was never sure what it looked like.

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    I think the spots in question are beginning to form a second row of spots. What i thought were random spots (out of line with the others, are actually the beginning of a new line)
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    I could be wrong but I think a lot of what is happening in this tank could be taken care of by doing bigger water changes more often. I am not sure what you mean when you say,.... I do a 50% water change every 3 weeks but Vaccuum the gravel every week (so about 2 gallons every week when I Vaccuum the gravel)..

    Two gallons a week means you are leaving 28 gallons of dirty water in there...To really know what is going on in there we need numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrates and PH. That way we have a better understanding of what we are trying to fix.

    The first thing I will say is you need to be doing much bigger water changes every week to keep get and your fish healthy.
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    have you touched the dots? are they actually an external dot? looks like part of the natural pattern iridescence.
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    Ammonia is 0 nitrite is 0 and nitrate is 10ppm
    I might be mixing up nitrate and nitrite as i type right now but the one that has to be 0 is 0 and the one that can have a little is 10. I just checked. Every 2-3 weeks i Vaccuum the gravel and remove 50 percent of the water. Then every week i Vaccuum the gravel and remove about 5 gallons (i just checked my bucket. It’s 2.5 gallons & i fill it up twice, so 5 gallons is removed weekly)
    I’m certain my water is fine and has been fine. The problems started when i added the water from the bag the pleco was in.

    I have not tried to touch the spots but I agree they do look to be IN the tail rather than on the tail. I’m certain it’s not irridescence and that it was never there before. It’s quite strange looking. Her black twinbars look a little frayed on the edges as well.

    What should i treat her with? Do you suppose it’s a fungus?
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    The thing is, there is more to keeping clean water than just numbers. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and some nitrates does mean a tank is cycled but it doesn't tell us how clean the water is.

    All I can do is advise. My advice is to do weekly water changes of no less than 30% but until your fish are healthy again I would be doing no less than 50% each week. I would do that before I started medicating with anything.

    BTW: one can't see bacteria so if you have little wiggly things in your water I just wanted to let you know that it isn't bacteria.
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    when I pour the bacteria in from stability, i can see them right away.
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    You can see bacteria colonies which are just small clusters of literally billions of bacterium.
  16. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    I have to think that is what a bacterial bloom consists of but normally just looks like cloudy water. I can't say that I have ever seen bacteria wiggling through the water though. :)
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    to me it looks like a bunch of detritus worms on the glass? I don't see anything on the platy
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    Yea, if there's movement it's not bacteria.
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    Nothing on the glass. It’s little tiny smaller than mosquito larva. Probably 1/4 of a mosquito larvae.

    You can’t see the row on spots on the orange Platy’s Tail? They go from top to bottom.

    I did a 50 percent water change and vaccuumed the gravel today. Other than changing 50 percent of the water weekly with vacuums, i don’t know what else to do for her. I don’t want it to spread to the other fish. That’s my main concern. German rams And rummies are the most sensitive tyoes of fish in my tank from what I’ve read, and they’re totally thriving. It’s weird that this big momma platy is the only one with this.
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    To me the spots look totally natural. I hate to say that if it actually is something, but it just looks natural to me.