pics of my 29 gallon ryukin

  1. STLBluesFan Member Member

    very hard to take good pic with phone lol... the pics just really dont do his or her orange color justice, nor he or shes beautiful tail.. its got a black spot on the end of his tail.. pretty roughed up where i bought it

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  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Awww, how cute! I love Ryukins <3

  3. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    awesome tank! how do you like your goldfish personality wise? i've been thinking about getting one myself.
  4. STLBluesFan Member Member

    mine is very active, just about never still. hes always ready for food when i open the tank hood.. very curious little thing, mine so far has been a slow grower

  5. bryanmc1988 Initiate Member

    aint that the fat 3 tail goldfish? o.0
  6. STLBluesFan Member Member

    its one of the many egg shaped goldfish, the difference with a ryukin is it gets a large hump behind where its head is. they come in many tail types, mine only has 2 tails
  7. bryanmc1988 Initiate Member

    ohic didnt know that... not much of a gold fish kinda guy but my parents will die for these...

  8. mike831 Initiate Member

    Nice Ryukins! I currently have two baby Lion Head goldfishes in my 20 gallon and they're both mischievous and playful!

    Any plans to add a buddy for him/her?
  9. orandagal Member Member

    Very nice aquarium set up and your fish is beautiful as well :)