pics of my 180 FOWLR 180 Gallon Tank

  1. eelfan77 Initiate Member

    I am new here so i thought i would share a few pics of my tank and fish :;hi1
    (sorry for the dirty glass in the 3rd pic)

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  2. crazedACD Member Member

    Beautiful! I just love those porcupine puffers, they are so cute...remind me of ET :). Tons of personality. Lovely tank!
  3. eiginh Well Known Member Member

    Wow those fish are huge and beautiful! The green/blue one is my favorite!
  4. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Cool tank, I really like the lunare wrasse.
  5. eelfan77 Initiate Member

    Here are a couple more pics

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  6. crazedACD Member Member

    Cool! Is that an Undulated Trigger I see? How does he get along? I've heard most should be kept in species only...not picking, just curious on the temperament with the other fish. :)
  7. eelfan77 Initiate Member

    Yep that is a undulated. I have had him for around 2 years and no problems so far(actualy when I think about he is the least aggresive one in the tank now) I am in the process of trying to get him out just in case he all of a sudden snaps and trys to kill my fish.